Darryl Cartwright, 26

 Ivy approached me last year to try a free trial of her newly started training program that came along with planned meals and workout sessions. Being a full-time student and working a part-time job, Ivy knew that I was always consistent with my training and always looking for new ways to challenge myself to help me accomplish my fitness goals. Her online training program took their first steps with the only instructions she wanted from me was to check in after three weeks to provide my results through her workout sessions she gave me through e-mail. Ivy's training program were very intense and mixed with different exercises that hit every part of the muscle I never thought could be worked out. This high intensity training and diet plans made me lose ten pounds and increased my muscle mass to the expected goals that I have set myself through her training program over the course of just one month. Ivy has far exceeded my expectations through her knowledge of fitness and how she was very determined and encouraging to help me reach my goals.


Jennifer chen, 44

I highly recommend Ivy! I'm a full time working mom with 3 younger kids - it felt overwhelming to think about focusing on my health. It was the best decision I made, it is worth every penny! I have lost weight and increased my confidence, but I am most excited about the fact that I feel so energetic and strong - which has influenced my life tremendously! I lost 8lbs and quite a bit of body fat. For me, the transformation is both physical and mental. I love that I feel athletic again and have the confidence to show up every week.. AND still have energy to be more present with my 3 children. 



After one month of training, Julyne didn't lose any weight but her body composition changed drastically! Super proud of this girl and the work she put in. Didn't change her diet that much... just tweaked it a bit, added in some weight training and wala! 


Dominique rosete - 30 day challenge winner 

I liked the program! I liked how it included general weightlifting but also the full body conditioning, those are my fave. I’m happy I had the resources I needed like new workout routines, an idea of my macros/cal count, etc. And I’m happy I made the effort to do these things again like plan my workouts everyday and actually be mindful of eating more, because I can easily go a day with only eating one meal being how busy I am.