Finding the right trainer is difficult for sure. There are so many different kinds of trainers that specialize in different techniques and we all have different personalities and opinions. WE ARE ALL SO DIFFERENT. So before you consider reaching out to me, I want you to understand how and why I do what I do. 

  • I specialize in functional fitness, strength, and conditioning. I also focus a bunch on mobility, stretching and myofascial release to help prevent injuries or to release muscle pain/tightness.

  • I live and breathe the moral of "balance" and "self-love"

  • I believe that if you want your body to look a certain way, you have the ability to create it without any unnatural forms of... anything.

For me, a training session should be so much more than an hour of your day to get in your workout. When it comes down to it, I want to make sure you understand what the hell you're doing, why the hell you're doing it and how doing it correctly is going to get you towards your goal. I will help guide you, but I will not do the work for you. Personal training only works if you are disciplined and consistent; even when I am not physically there. I also understand that we are all human and we can't be 100% all the time.

My training sessions come with:

  • Nutrition guidance (if needed) - including a healthy grocery list, how to count your macros/calories guide, meal plans etc.

  • A monthly workout plan based on your individual goals. For example, if we workout twice a week together and you plan on working out by yourself another 3 days of the week, I will give you plan on what to do on those 3 days so you're staying on track.

  • Unlimited contact to me! I'm super comfortable with my clients and if I'm lucky enough to get to help someone, I'm always going to try my best to give you the attention you deserve. Email me... text me, call me... whenever you need.

  • A Fit3D scan: a full body scan that shows you your current body fat percentage, lean and fat mass in pounds, posture assessment and basal metabolic rate. We will scan once a month to see how your progress is going.

Here's what some of my clients have to say about me:

"She's helped me feel more confident not only by just how I look, but also in what my body is capable of." -Laura K.

"My experience in the gym was usually with cardio machines and not much with weights. The free weights and benches intimidated me and I honestly did not know where to start. During our personal training sessions, I learn new exercises and she definitely makes sure my form is correct to prevent any type of injury. She always brings a killer work out, but that's what it takes!" -Anne M.

"It's tough for me at times, being so out of shape. Training with Ivy has actually improved a lot in my life, not being so short of breath for even doing the smallest task. I'm a Diabetic. Since training with Ivy my blood sugar levels have been great, my doctor is so impressed. 
Do not underestimate her being a petite young lady, she can work you hard, but does realize what your limits are." -Enrique P.

"As a full time college student and full time worker, working out with Ivy gives me the motivation and encouragement to get a workout in, after or before a busy day. Her workout sessions are customized to meet the goals, mobility, and strength of each of her clients." -Christina R.

If you feel like I am the right trainer for you, I will be more than happy to help you reach your fitness goals :) 

You can reach me through my "CONTACT" page to book a free consultation.


INDIVIDUAL: $85 per session


Each session runs from 50-60 minutes. Payments are monthly or sold in packages. The total amount will depend on how many sessions we complete per week. 



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